“Once Upon A Time” Announces the Arrival of a New Favorite, Merida

By on July 11, 2015


“Once Upon A  Time” fans have a reason to celebrate as it was revealed during the show’s Comic-Con panel earlier today that a new Disney fave will be joining the cast. Merida from the hit film “Brave” will come on to the scene and this should be pretty awesome considering that Merida was a force to be reckoned with. The Disney/Pixar film came out in 2012 and was all about the freedom of being a young woman as Merida did not want to be forced into marriage. Needless to say, she had to do a whole bunch of things and cross many obstacles to come out even better for it in the end.

“Brave” went on to win several awards including an Academy Award which makes me wonder why it took so long for this character to arrive in Storybrooke. The show welcomed Anna and Elsa from “Frozen” during the last season so to me, Merida would be one of the last characters I would expect them to bring on. But I am all for it; bring it season five. Clips were shown and Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) is now officially a dark character and she will share this ride with Hook.

On the panel, his portrayer Colin O’Donoghue had this to say as to why it is so hard to be the bad guy: “He found love with Emma, so he’s desperately trying to hold onto that, be the better man and keep her heart safe. But he has been a villain and his girlfriend’s nasty now…in a good way. He really struggled with staying on the right path, so it’ll be interesting to see where he goes now.”

Hook was always the villain, as I recall but I guess he is the villain with a heart now that he is in love but I do not think that he was expecting his good girl lady love to go bad. During the fifth season opener, fans will get quite a treat when the show celebrates it’s 100th episode! So, are we excited for Merida? I think we need another fiesty chick in Storybrooke!

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