The Party Rages on for Scott Disick-What About Penelope’s Birthday?

By on July 8, 2015


The party never stops for Scott Disick despite being dumped by Kourtney Kardashian, the mother of his three kids. He has not been home for over a month and has been spotted partying in Monte Carlo, New York City, and Miami. To make matters worse, today his daughter Penelope turns 3. Will Scott be a no show for his own daughter’s birthday?

Scott was dumped by Kourtney over the 4th of July weekend after pictures surfaced of him getting very cozy in Monte Carlo with his ex Chloe Bartoli. Kourtney has put up with a lot from Scott but him embarrassing her like this was too much. It is one thing to suffer through his alcohol and drug abuse but to see him lounging with an ex pushed her past her breaking point.

Despite getting caught red handed Scott didn’t fly home. Instead he flew to Miami where he continued the party. Other pictures of him emerged sitting with a mystery brunette in a room at the Trump SoHo with what looked like prescription pills and alcohol. There have been many reports saying that Scott has not been at the family home in over a month and was not calling to check in nor was he answering any of Kourtney’s calls or texts.

She finally had enough and told him the relationship was over. Scott’s substance abuse has been well documented and he did a recent stint in rehab in Costa Rica that he cut short. He opened up on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians saying he knew he had issues to work through and talked about being there for his kids.

Unfortunately Scott actions didn’t match his words. His friends believe he’s in denial and that he isn’t aware of how serious his problem is. Kourtney has the support of sisters Kim and Khloe though sources say they too are fed up with Scott and his embarrassing behavior. Even Brody Jenner, known for his partying ways,expressed surprise at Scott’s behavior telling reporters he didn’t think it was going to go over too well.

Penelope’s birthday is today and Kourtney wants to put the kids first but is reportedly livid over Scott’s behavior and his lengthy absence from the kids. Instead of posting birthday wishes to his daughter he posted a pic on Instagram inviting fans to come party with him at 1Oak in Las Vegas, something that surely will not go over well with Kourtney.

While the party rages on for Scott it looks like Kourtney is doing her best Scott Who? She has posted photos of her exercising with her sisters and was photographed going out to dinner looking hot in a mesh skirt with a glimpse of her toned belly. Not too shabby after having three kids.

Will Scott show up for Penelope’s birthday or is he too far gone? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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  1. jojo

    July 14, 2015 at 1:45 am

    bet she wouldn’t let him on the property even if he did show up.

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