Photo: 35 of Bill Cosby’s Accusers Cover New York Magazine Putting a Face to Rape Charges

By on July 27, 2015
'bill cosby rape victims photo'

New York Magazine has humanized the rape allegations against Bill Cosby by putting a face to the 35 women who have made the allegations.

'bill cosby rape victims photo'

The black and white cover image of New York Magazine features the 35 women along with the headline “Cosby: The Women, An Unwelcome Sisterhood” along with the date of the alleged assault under each person. Celebrities on the cover include actress Beverly Johnson, supermodel Janice Dickinson and Cosby Show actress Lili Bernard. The cover is beyond powerful, making the allegations even more real.

Bill Cosby has been accused over and over again by the 35 women on the cover of the magazine of being drugged and raped. While Cosby initially denied the charges, a deposition of Cosby admitting to buying Quaaludes and giving it to a number of women he had sex with emerged, making it that much more difficult to deny the allegations. His lawyers have argued that although Cosby has admitted to purchasing the drugs, it doesn’t mean he drugged and sexually assaulted women.

In the NY Magazine is the story of the women’s allegations and how they are finally being heard and taken seriously following years of Cosby’s legal team manipulating the situation. New York Magazine is going further online and has posted the testimony of the accusers of the magazine. The magazine has interviewed the 35 women over the course of six months and while the women were interviewed separately, their stories are eerily similar.

In total Bill Cosby has been accused 46 times of sexually assaulting women. Of the 46 women, 35 of the women are on the cover of New York Magazine. 11 women do not appear on the cover.

Despite the allegations and the settlements, one person continues to stand by her man, Camille Cosby, Bill Cosby’s wife, who believes the women consented to the sex.

What do you think of the New York Magazine cover? Beyond powerful.

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