Photo: Charlotte McKinney Naked for GQ – In GIF Form

By on July 8, 2015
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Charlotte McKinney, best known for eating a burger way too sexy to be included in the advertisements for the Super Bowl, has taken off all of her clothes in order to get her additional 15 minutes of fame.


Appearing on Dancing With the Stars was a short lived stint, since she looked amazing but couldn’t dance. At. All. That didn’t stop people everywhere from searching high and low for bikini and even better naked photos.

This time around, McKinney has left little to the imagination with these photos. In a video for the photo shoot, McKinney spoke about the Bahamas being her favorite spot, since her dad is Bahamian. Her favorite thing to do at the beach is paddle boarding, possibly some rose and she said she is always up for skinny dipping. McKinney also spoke about being stung by a jelly fish as a young child and how she is scarred for life because her mother wanted to pee on her.

McKinney is frequently compared to Kate Upton, who shot to fame following the Sports Illustrated Cover, where she too was almost naked. Upton has a bit more luck, as she has branched off into acting. McKinney has yet to break into acting, with no films on the horizon.

McKinney is clearly trying to be the next ‘It’ girl, like her look alike, Kate Upton. What do you think? Will she be able to do it? Something tells us – if it hasn’t happened yet – it won’t. She has been around enough and is trying but the people aren’t as interested as they are in Upton.

On the next page you will find her NSFW Gif and the video of the photo shoot. Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts? Too graphic? Should she have left more to the imagination??

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