Pretty Little Liars Recap 7/14/15 Season 6 Episode 6 – No Stone Unturned

By on July 14, 2015
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Alright you Pretty Little Fans, we are back TONIGHT with an all new episode after the long and treacherous one week hiatus. Last week there was no new episode due to unknown network reasons but fear not, the story continues with an all new episode tonight. Last week on Pretty Little Liars, the series took a turn for the dark with a haunting dance by Maddie from Dance Moms and a creepy visit back to Radley, all roads lead back to Radley right? Right. This season has made it clear that Radley holds more secrets about our little residents of Rosewood, and some from outside of Rosewood, enter Leslie Stone who was revealed to be a former Radley patient and there during the time that she would know Charles AND Mona. There was a lot revealed and uncovered in the past episode and this episode proves to further push the mysterious of Charles as we gear up for his birthday/welcome home in the episode a week from tonight. You can read all about last week’s episode HERE


Tonight is episode 6 in the sixth season which means we are officially only 4 episodes away from the shocking and revealing summer finale in which we will finally unmask A and find out the real identity of the hooded tormentor. We know that A is Charles and Charles is A but the question on everyone’s mind is, WHO IS CHARLES?! There have been numerous speculation about the masked murderer, even a short scandal of someone posing as an EX PLL member leaking all the “secrets” which Marlene King immediately shut down as false information. In tonight’s episode, the Liars are more desperate than ever to find out who A is and with all signs pointing to Leslie Stone, it’s now a race against time to find proof of their newest A theory. The only thing now is that as the girls get closer to A’s identity, A is raising the game and their newest threats escalating to drastic measures.

Continue on to see what happened on tonight’s Pretty Little Liars!

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