Pretty Little Liars Recap 7/21/15 Season 6 Episode 7 – O Brother, Where Art Thou

By on July 21, 2015
he's alive
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Pretty Little Liars, Season 6, The Summer of Answers is shaping up to be a crazy wild ride of answers, twists and turns, more questions and all around DiLaurentis madness. The beginning of the season showed our Liars barely hanging on for the lives as Charles played evil mind games with them causing immense traumatic stress on our little liars. With a fresh escape and a new shower buddy, Sara Harvey, the liars made it their business to find out who their tormentor was and with everything but a face, the liars are closer than ever and A’s game has just gotten deadlier. Last week’s episode showed an angry and threatful Charles as his birthday approached. He sent Aria a doll with a knife threw her eye, that’s a pretty clear warning that Aria should stop looking for answers. The liars are all on edge this season and making sure that they are ready for what’s to come as as far as Charles’ unwelcome homecoming. You can read all about last week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars HERE!


With the liars now aware that A has implanted a tracking device chip into their necks and he’s coming home for his birthday, it’s only a matter of time until we become #FAcetoFace with A. Tonight’s episode brings up various emotions for the DiLaurentis’ family as Charles’ birthday is approaching fast and he’s made it clear that he is coming home for his family. While Mr. DiLaurentis tries desperately to get his children out of the way, Jason sees this as the perfect opportunity to confront his brother and face all the childhood memories that he has had suppressed due to his family telling him Charlie didn’t exist. Not only is Charles’ arrival affecting his family but the PLL’s are split on their decision as well. Hanna and Spencer want to take this chance to finally catch Charles and stop him, while Emily and Aria want to stay as far away as possible. On another hand, Mona is shutting out the only one who cares most for her Mike, and Hanna gets a surprise of a lifetime. Will A finally be reunited with shim’s family or is this just another trap? Find out tonight on an all new episode of Pretty Little Liars!

Keep reading to find out what happened on tonight’s episode, O Brother, Where Art Thou

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