Pretty Little Liars Recap 7/28/15 Season 6 Episode 8 – FrAmed

By on July 28, 2015
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Another Tuesday, another new episode of Pretty Little Liars and we are so close to coming #FAcetoFace with A, ah! It’s been a long time coming and this summer season 6A is promising to answer all questions by the shocking summer finale on August 11th, in which we will find out all there is to know about Charles and his tormenting. We are also being clued in as to who Red Coat is and possibly the mysterious Black Widow that we’ve seen lurking around Rosewood’s dark corners. For the past 6 years, our precious PLL’s have faced numerous dangers, backstabbing’s from their closest friends and family and the ultimate betrayals and this time, it’s time to fight back. With the PLL’s closer than ever, Charles is uping the stakes, now not only are they unsafe but their lives are in danger as Charles makes his way home. The DiLaurentis family has been full of lies, deceit and now that everything about Charles is out in the open due to the PLL’s recent run in at the arcade in last week’s episode, things don’t look good for the town of Rosewood. You can read all about last week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars HERE!

charles superpowers

Tonight on an all new episode of Pretty Little Liars, the A game is pushed to the limit. Due to their recent run in with Charles, the PLL’s tension has risen to new levels and it is now affecting the town of Rosewood as a whole. Aria’s moment of her work being displayed is approaching but may fall short due to Ella wanting her to stay close to home due to the recent events surrounding the girls. Hanna continues to struggle with the uneasy feeling that something bad surrounds the money that she has been given as a scholarship and she plans to give it back even though it puts her future of college in jeopardy. With prom around the corner, the one thing the girls have to look forward too, security measures have been put in place that puts the prom at risk. While the PLL’s run around trying to figure out who Charles is, Alison struggles with putting the blond boy she remembers, to a face of the unruly scarlet letter, A, that has been haunting her and her friends for years.

Keep reading to see what happened on tonight’s all new Pretty Little Liars!

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