Pretty Little Liars Spoilers Leaked on Reddit – Writer King Denies It

By on July 9, 2015
'pretty little liars logo'

'pretty little liars logo'

Pretty Little Liars is in its sixth season and is as popular as ever. It seems a disgruntled employee over at the set of the hit ABC Family television series, has taken it upon themselves to leak major plot spoilers on  Of course, there are those who say the spoilers are fake and then there is the writer of the show, I. Marlene King who claims that nothing has been spoiled, but then posts a photo on Instagram discussing karma and how a**holes will get theirs.

So while we can’t guarantee the spoilers, we can post them and discuss the possibilities of the fact that they may be true. So proceed with caution and don’t shoot the messenger, but feel free to discuss away.

So who is A?? The question we have all been asking for the past six years and have been teased relentlessly that THIS is the season we will find out. If we believe the spoilers, A is Wren Kingston!

The leaker then backed up the identity of A with some facts to back it up. The facts they listed are as follows:

Wren Kingston is really Charles DiLaurentis

He’s not really British and never went to Oxford, which means there’s no way he’s really a doctor.

After Charles spent most of his life in Radley, Mrs. DiLaurentis faked his suicide and joined the board at Radley to cover it up.

Not only did Spencer meet Charles as a child, she also spent a large portion of her childhood in Radley too. Maddie Ziegler’s creepy dancing girl was meant to represent that part of Spencer’s life that she no longer remembers.

Melissa agreed to work with Wren because she felt guilty about burying Bethany Young alive.

Wren/Charles hit Alison that night because he thought she was Cece Drake, and he believed Cece
killed Bethany.

Wren/Charles will reveal himself to Alison on prom night.

After Wren/Charles reveals himself, he will disappear, again.

The person who revealed the spoilers also gave some spoilers for the upcoming episodes:

Emily and Sara will kiss

Sara will run away again.

Lorenzo is going to die

Alison and Emily will share a kiss at prom

ABC Family has responded to the alleged leak stating, “All of the info on the site is false. No crew member was fired from PLL and we believe it is just a fan spreading incorrect information to rile up the fan base.”

What do you think??

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