Ray Donovan Recap 7/19/15 – Season 3 Ep. 2 – ‘Ding’ with Katie Holmes

By on July 19, 2015
'ray donovan season 3 ep 2 katie holmes'
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Ray Donovan returned for the third season with sex, murder and as much craziness as the previous seasons of the show. With Ezra’s death, we see Ray heartbroken but he refuses to deal with it. Instead he will deal with it the same way he usually does – with sex and murder.

'ray donovan season 3 ep 2 katie holmes'

During tonight’s show entitled, “Ding,” we will see Katie Holmes, who play Paige Finney, reach out to Ray because she needs help protecting a quarterback.

On the last episode we saw the beginning of the relationship with Finney when Ray meets her after being hired by her father to free her brother, who was kidnapped. It turns out that the brother really wasn’t kidnapped but was in on it. Unfortunately, the deal turned sour and one of the kidnappers ended up dead when Ray shot him. Ray did the job he was hired for and brought the boy home.

Meanwhile, Mickey ends up committing murder when the pimp who lives in his development makes a mistake and treats a friend of Mickey’s like crap.

Abby finds a dog on the streets of LA and brings him home. Finally we see Bunchy trying to run the gym.

Did you see the season premiere of Ray Donovan? If you missed it, we have the full recap for Ray Donovan here.

Avi offers Lena a partnership if she will leave her job as Ray’s assistant. Lena asks him for a day to decide. She approaches Ray and asks him what he thinks of her. Lena tells Ray that Avi offered her the job.

Terry gets into a fight at the jail and Ray is not happy – since he paid one of the guards to keep him safe. When a rematch is asked for, the guard wants to put Terry in solitary. Terry refuses and goes to the fight. He ends up hitting his opponent in the head with a weight and ultimately kills him. He is put into solitary confinement.

Nick gathers the women who work as prostitutes to let them know he is taking over – the only thing is that he thinks he it is the 1970’s and they stand on the street corners waiting for someone to proposition them. The women walk out on him.

Ray receives a call from Paige, who wants to meet with him. They meet at the football field where Ray is hired to protect Troy, a quarterback who is having an affair with a married women whose husband is a Navy Seal. The Navy Seal has threatened Troy’s life and its Ray’s job to protect him. Ray goes to the Navy Seal’s house with the instructions he can give him up to $500,000. The guy tells Ray he isn’t taking the money. Ray talks to the guy and tells him he has been in the same position as him, only no one has offered him that kind of money. The guy only wants his wife.

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