Ray Donovan Season 3 Premiere Recap 7/12/15 – Ezra is Dead – ‘The Kalamazoo’

By on July 13, 2015
'ray donovan season 3 premiere'
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The third season of Ray Donovan premiered with its usual amount of sex and violence. We received the introduction of Katie Holmes, who will play the love interest of Ray Donovan this season.

'ray donovan season 3 premiere'

The third season picks up where the show left off when season 2 ended. Ezra is bedridden, clinging to life when we see a man claiming to be a minister to broken priests, Father Thomas Romero, who needs to know who placed the call from Ezra’s office that notified them of the whereabouts of a murdered priest. Ray placed the call after learning Ezra ordered the hit on his love interest, journalist Kate McPherson. Ezra does not turn on Ray.

Deb comes to Ezra’s side demanding the priest leaves. Ezra confesses to Deb that he is responsible for killing the girl. Deb doesn’t believe him and believes it is the brain tumor that is talking. She reassures Ezra that he didn’t kill anyone. Ezra begs Deb to call Ray. Deb reminds him that Ray hasn’t spoke to him in months. Deb calls Ray but Ray doesn’t answer the call.

Ray is sitting in a bar when he learns about Ezra’s death from Abby, who begs him to come home but he refuses. Ray has a flashback to a time with Ezra telling him that he knows people and that Raymond is someone special. Ray takes a girl home from the bar, has sex with her and leaves. True Ray behavior.

We see Mickey floating in a pool while listening to young Audrey sing. Mickey has taken up residence in a seedy apartment complex with other low-class losers, which includes Audrey’s mother Ginger and her abusive pimp Gary. Mickey’s been serving as a somewhat attentive babysitter/father figure to Audrey.

Meanwhile Bunchy has cleaned himself up. His hair is styled, he’s got new duds and is managing the gym now as Brandon Donovan, gym manager. He’s also on match.com as “Bunchyman.”

Bridget greets Ray at Ezra’s funeral and begs him to come home. Ray knows he can’t go home and tells her he can’t. As Ray enters the funeral he walks past Avi, who insists they need to discuss things. His silence is killing Avi.

Deb sees Ray and she orders him to leave. Ray leaves the funeral of his one true father figure. Abbey, Conor and Bridget run after him pleading for him to come home but he keeps walking.

Ray returns to the office, with Lena and Avi there as well, but things aren’t the same. They’re all grieving. Avi tells Ray he is sorry for the way he was treated at the funeral and he also tells him he hates that they don’t even talk.

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