Rookie Blue Recap 7/23/15- A Real Gentleman

By on July 23, 2015
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“Rookie Blue” is just going to keep getting better until you are no longer a rookie at watching it and a true veteran and fan. Should not be hard with super amazing story lines and crazy good acting. You can see what “Rookie Blue” is all about here.¬†


For five years and six seasons, “Rookie Blue” has been a show that has delighted fans. Season six was actually supposed to be a part of season five but then it got broken up, thus here we are in season six. Based in Toronto, the series follows several rookies as they take on new cases that can make or break their careers. We have Missy Peregrym from the film “Stick It” as Andy McNally; Gregory Smith from “Everwood” as Dov Epstein; Travis Milne from “Holiday in Handcuffs” as Chris Diaz and Charlotte Sullivan from “Harriet the Spy” as Gail Peck. Rounding out the cast is Matt Gordon as Oliver Shaw, Peter Mooney as Nick Collins and Priscilla Faia as Chloe Price, all listed as Officers.

Along with the Detectives in the precinct, they must solve whatever is going on and fix it. Easier said than done. The series has done well and the first four seasons are available on DVD if you are a super fan or are so inclined to catch up on what has been going on all these years. Tonight,¬†Traci is a no-show at her first raid, which leads her compatriots at the 15 Division to believe she must have been kidnapped by the notorious gun dealer they are after. Would not be the first time something like that has happened. As they work to find her, Andy and Gail come to another frightening conclusion with the realization that a serial rapist could be to blame for Traci’s disappearance. Again, we hear stories like this in the news daily.

Keep reading to see how they get Traci back and what they have to do to make sure she is safe.

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