Rosie Perez and Whoopi Goldberg Sobs As She Says Good Bye to The View – Was She Fired?

By on July 8, 2015
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Rosie Perez is officially leaving The View. The co-host of the long running talk show, cried and sobbed and gave a very long winded speech thanking everyone as she said her good bye.  The speech was so heart felt and sad, that it left everyone wondering if she decided to leave on her own or if she fired?

'rosie perez on the view'

I have decided that it’s time to move on. Today is very bittersweet for me. I am excited for what is to come, but I am so sad to leave The View, the staff, the producers, ABC and especially these two ladies. I want to thank you for your friendship Nicole, your intelligence and your wit and your sunshine. Whoopi I want to thank you for your guidance, your professionalism and most of all your friendship. It is a dream sitting here with you. You are truly the captain of the ship.

She continued by saying, “I really want to thank The View” and naming everyone she worked with on the show. She thanked the entire ABC family for the opportunity.

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Finally she said, “The ones I want to thank the most are the fans. Everytime one of you come to me and tell me you love me on The View.” She gave a special thanks to the Latina community and asked what the hell it took so long for The View to put a Latina on the show.

Just know I do not have one regret for coming to the show and I would do it all over again and it is all because of you…..the fans.

Perez received a standing ovation from the audience and the co-hosts. She didn’t explain why she was leaving, just saying it was time to go.

This left many fans wondering was Perez asked to leave or did she leave on her own accord?


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