Scream: The TV Series Recap 7/21/15 Season 1 Episode 4 – Aftermath

By on July 21, 2015
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'scream recap 7/21/15'

Scream is off to a pretty good start and delivering the promised entertainment while giving us the 90’s and original Scream cliche. While the producers and directors have cleared the air about no one dying every episode, it seems like the kill count is already rising and quickly. We started the show off with the infamous death of Nina, then came Audrey’s girlfriend Rachel and last week’s episode killed off a fan favorite that drove the twittersphere and social media platforms on fire, yes we’re talking about the sad and untimely death of Riley, our favorite popular geek. The death of Riley outraged millions as everyone felt it was way too soon for her to go, we agree. Riley was one of the most fun and cute with a splash of sass characters so to see her off’d in episode 3 was hard, but we know it’s for a good reason, as not everyone can survive, even your favorites. Scream is doing a perfect job at delivering characters that the audience feels connected to so when their time comes, it hurts, and hurts it does. The hashtag #RIPRiley was quickly made a topic on Twitter and the screams, no pun intended, could be heard round the world. It’s safe to say that no character is safe in this series and maybe even survivor girl Emma has a thing coming to her quicker than we think. You can catch last week’s recap of Scream HERE!

Tonight’s episode finds Emma and Audrey searching for answers to this mysterious masked murdered who seems to be more than just a familiar face but more like an urban legend raised from the dead. When Emma receives a mysterious message, she joins with Audrey to hunt down the truth. Based on the promo, it seems that Emma will find a yearbook from her mother’s past with a message in it stating “The truth lies where the mask was made” which now means that our group of remaining survivors have to put their brains to the test and figure out the history of the mask to find the killer, or so it would seem, who’s to say this isn’t just another trick or trap? We all know Ghostface loves to play games.

Keep reading to find out what happened on tonight’s episode “Aftermath”

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