Scream: The TV Series Recap 7/7/2015 – Hello Emma

By on July 7, 2015
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RIP Nina

Last week on MTV’s Scream we met our first victim and our new cast of survivors, well at least for now. The show opened with a classic Scream-esque kill ala Casey Becker, only this time it was a young Queen Bee, Nina Paterson after she brutally shared a video of a former student making out with another girl, outing her to the school. The kill was a perfect set up for the murders to come and proved that while some doubted MTV’s ability to “go there” with a horror series, they weren’t afraid to spread a little blood around. The show’s pilot episode opened way for the series to explore the depth of each character and provide a setting and cast that paid close homage to the original yet was made into it’s own series. The most obvious change to the show from the movie was the mask. The original mask was more of a store bought costume to where this one this time around is more crafted to play into the storyline of the show.

The main plot takes place 20 years after a deformed student from the school went on a killing spree due to his love for one student. After he is shot and presumed dead, the town moved on, the woman he was in love with turning out to be our main character Emma’s mother, feels as though history may be repeating itself. You can read all about the first episode HERE Scream Pilot recap.

the mask

Continue on to find out what happened on tonight’s Scream!

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