The Bachelorette 2015 with Kaitlyn Bristowe Recap 7/6/15 – Who Are the Final Three?

By on July 6, 2015
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The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe will be down to the final three contestants by the end of the show on July 6, 2015.


The final five men: Shawn, Nick, Joe, Ben H. and Jared are facing the final few days where they will be eliminated or chosen to go on the final hometown dates, that actually don’t take place in their hometowns.

Kaitlyn is beginning to doubt if she will find her true love. This season has been less than easy for Kaitlyn. The drama has been every week and during every turn for The Bachelorette.  Being free and kissing a number of men and then having sex with Nick Viall may just be catching up with her, jeopardizing her relationships with the other men? There also is the impending decision about which men she will take on overnight dates.

Ben H. helps to lighten Kaitlyn’s mood as they go on a date to historic Innisfallen Island. They play hide and seek in the castle and Kaitlyn tells him that he is husband material. Leading him on much? Kaitlyn tells him she is all about little things and that someone is not going to give up on her when things get tough. Ben confesses he was never in a long term relationship and he feels like he isn’t lovable. Kaitlyn tells him he could and is falling in love with him. She is very quick to tell people she loves them?

Ben tells Kaitlyn that he is looking forward to talking all night. Ding, Ding, Ding…..Kaitlyn begins to wonder if Ben is a virgin and he isn’t. Kaitlyn jokingly tells him that she is a virgin too. If he only knew.

A group date with Joe, Nick and Shawn to beautiful Killarney National Park leads to unexpected drama and heartache. Shawn asks to speak to Kaitlyn and they have some one on one time. They kiss and Shawn feels as though everything is better now and things are good between them. Kaitlyn wants to tell Shawn that she took things too far with Nick but she also wants to kiss him and talk to him and then they are interrupted by Nick.

Kaitlyn and Nick discuss the night they had sex. She feels as though it was fast. Nick tells her that he liked her before he showed up and she is not The Bachelorette, she is just Kaitlyn.

Joe and Kaitlyn get some one on one time. She wants to make sure he is ready to be engaged. He tells her he can kiss her for the next 60 years and be the happiest guy in the world. Kaitlyn asks him the question and she feels flattered that she he is in love with her. Flattered? Why would she ask him if he is ready to be engaged if she doesn’t have feelings for him??

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