Total Divas Recap 7/21/15- Season 4, Ep. 3- Eat Your Heart Out

By on July 21, 2015
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“Total Divas” is showing how Diva-esque these women really can be and how gossip and rumors do not end just because you get out of high school. You can keep up with season four of “Total Divas” right here.


It is WrestleMania Week and this is a huge event for the Divas. It is especially huge for Nattie as her father Jim will be appearing and getting heavy promotion after ten years out of the spotlight. Problem is that he is in rehab and has been getting really out of hand; so out of hand that they actually had to throw him out when he got violent. Nattie and her mother are so terrified that he will mess up an experience that he has been waiting so long for and that bad influences will take advantage of him at a weak time. Her uncle Bret Hart is also at the event so this really is a WWE family affair. Speaking of families, Brie is getting frustrated that she is not pregnant yet so she and Bryan went to a fertility center to get tested to make sure that everything is okay with their reproductive parts.

This is Paige’s first WWE gala so she had no idea that she needed to dress up and be fancy so the girls attempt to help her by getting her a spray tan and pick out a gown. While doing this, she meets a fan who overcame an eating disorder by watching Paige just be herself and that just stopped Paige in her tracks. She decided to ignore the so-called rules of the gala and announced that she’d be wearing a black dress and boots. Keeping it real, which I love. Of course, there is Eva who is in attendance and all the girls seem to have been with her over the special private treatment she has been getting from the WWE. Can that be squashed for a happy front?

Tonight, peace talks between Nikki and Eva end very badly as Nattie takes a risk on stage. Meanwhile, Paige is brought to tears during her first WrestleMania and Brie and Bryan receive the results of their fertility testing.

Keep reading to see how it all plays out.

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