True Detective Recap 7/12/15 Season 2 Episode 4: Down Will Come

By on July 12, 2015
'true detective season 2'
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Last week’s episode¬†of¬†True Detective, was surprising with the discovery of Detective Velcoro being alive and relatively unharmed as he was shot by riot shells at the end of episode 2 in Caspere’s second home while investigating it from Semyon’s tip.

'true detective season 2'

The episode was filled with more leads towards the Caspere case as detective Bezzerides and officer Woodrugh find out about Caspere’s late night phone calls with Mayor Chessani, his corporate holdings with Catalyst Group and property of rare blue diamonds, and the surveillance footage showing the car he being driven in was owned by a film production company.

Osip returns in episode 3, and continues to not make a deal with Semyon due to Caspere’s death. Semyon is furious about this and then even questions if Osip could have killed Caspere. It could seem plausible for Osip’s team to be suspects because they make profit as Caspere had Semyon’s money for the project before he was murdered.

Semyon is more paranoid in this episode due to his colleague Stan’s death, and goes back to the club owners and tells them to help find Caspere’s murderer because Semyon believes someone is after him. We then see Semyon’s gangster persona take full form when he brutally beats up the club owner who disagrees with him; Semyon even pulls out all his gold teeth…

Velcoro recovering from the riot shell shooting is paranoid as well because whoever shot him wanted him alive. He questions this to Semyon, who gave him the tip of Casperes second home. Also he’s wondering about the State departments probe on him and Vinci department, and realizes the consequences of this probe on himself and his ex-family.

Officer Woodrugh finds more leads on his own by questioning hookers, and finds out about a girl named Tasha who was involved with Caspere.

The end of the episode was a thrilling chase scene that had Velcoro and Bezzerides in a close distance to the suspect. They didn’t catch the suspect, and couldn’t observe an identity due to a white mask on the face. However, it seems the masked person is either the murderer or involved with Caspere as they burned the film production company car in order to destroy evidence.

Episode 4 may shed more leads to Caspere’s murder, the corruption Caspere was involved in, plus many more surprises; an element True Detective is consistent with adding to the story.

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