True Detective Recap 7/26/15 Season 2 Episode 6: Church in Ruins

By on July 26, 2015
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With three episodes left of True Detective, the search for Ben Caspere’s true killer is reborn and it will get more intense, mysterious, and surprising.


Due to the predicaments of each detective and events that have already occurred, especially the “Vinci Massacre”, it will take undercover investigative work as the Vinci police and state department claim the Caspere case is already solved. Their involvement with the murder of Caspere may be a possibility due the corruption of the Chessani family and new information regarding the Mayor’s son, Tony Chessani’s collaboration with Caspere.

When Velcoro interrogated Dr. Pitlor using his rough method of violently beating him up, Pitlor revealed that Tony Chessani would hold parties at the Chessani house, where Caspere and him would make home videos of important people in Vinci, in order to blackmail them for money. He also said the suicide of Chessani’s first wife was not due to him as accused by Chessani’s daughter, but by years of Chessani family corruption.

Velcoro’s violent, corrupt, and poor behaviors are mostly caused by one past event, his wife’s rape which led to the birth of a boy named Chad. Velcoro a police officer at the time, let his desire for revenge overcome him as he used the help of gangster Frank Semyon to find the supposed rapist and dispose the body. Semyon did not ask for anything in return at the time, but has placed a debt to Velcoro and plays him as a puppet for his own personal and corrupt business related tasks.

Last episodes news from state department’s Katherine Davis, revealed to Velcoro the actual rapist was recently found and arrested, shocking Velcoro and bringing to light the high probability that Semyon has been using him all these years for corruption.

Bezzerides is planning to take a huge gamble by going undercover as a prostitute girl at a party in order to find more information.

What is going to happen when Velcoro and Semyon “talk”? Will Bezzerides plan lead to a promising discovery or cause the case to fall further into chaos?

Summary of Episode 6:

Velcoro tells Semyon about the rapist being arrested. He wants to know why he gave him the wrong guy. Semyon says the guy they disposed was a greaser, which he got a tip from someone who claimed he was the rapist. Semyon tells Velcoro he still made a choice that night to kill him, so he shouldn’t blame him.

Velcoro reveals to Semyon that Churchman has been taking prostitute girls to these parties at mansions with Tony Chessani. Velcoro wants to know who gave him the tip about the guy he killed years ago. Semyon and Velcoro make a deal, in which if Velcoro finds the hard drive that Caspere owned, then he will give Velcoro the identity of the person who gave him the tip.

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