True Detective Recap 7/5/15 Season 2 Episode 3 Maybe Tomorrow

By on July 5, 2015
'true detective season 2'
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Last week’s episode of True Detective was spent with finding leads on the death of Caspere from different angles. However, the ending was shocking with the shooting of Detective Velcoro, and what seems to be his potential death. Or is it? We have the complete recap for the last episode of True Detective here.

'true detective season 2'

For episode 3, there is now going to be a potential investigation as Velcoro will be a missing person, since he and Frank Semyon only knew of Caspere’s second home.

If Detective Bezzerides, Woodrugh, or anybody finds Velcoro dead in this episode, things will become worse for the LA and Vince police departments, along with Frank Semyon. They will be in more danger and set back in finding the murderer of Caspere and connection it potentially has with Velcoro.

The chances Velcoro surviving the shooting seem┬áslim as in the end of episode 2, he was shot by a shotgun in the chest and stomach by a person with a raven’s mask, while investigating Caspere’s second home from Semyon’s tip.

So far in this season we are seeing the pasts of all four main characters, Velcoro, Bezzerides, Woodrugh, and Semyon begin to be revealed, but with much more information still hidden.

They all have something that has gone either wrong, tragic, unstable, and potentially psychopathic happen to them and the more that is revealed in the upcoming episodes, the more it will effect their investigation for the murder of Caspere and a potential investigation for Velcoro.

So what happened to Detective Velcoro?

We will be watching and recapping True Detective – so be sure to bookmark us and comeback and see what happened to Detective Velcoro.

Summary of Episode 3:

Velcoro is alive. Surprisingly he wakes the next morning with bullet mark bruises across his chest. Velcoro was shot by riot shells not actual bullets, and they left bruises on him with cracked ribs. After calling police, the ambulance and Vinci police arrive at the scene, and later detective Bezzerides.

In this episode Bezzerides and Woodrugh are at the scene of Caspere’s second home, while Velcoro is being treated from the riot shell wounds. Bezzerides and Woodrugh discover Caspere was making land line phone calls to Vinci Mayor Austin Chessani.

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