Video: Ariana Grande Apologizes Again for Donut Fiasco For Real This Time

By on July 10, 2015

It looks like Ariana Grande has gotten the message from her fans following the Donut Fiasco where she apologized for saying she hated America and Americans.

'ariana grande apology video'

In her first apology, Ariana focused on her own issues with healthy eating and ended up sounding more like a spokesperson for childhood obesity than someone who was truly sorry for their actions. As a result of the backlash she received regarding the lame apology, Ariana has tried once again to apologize. This time she made a video for her fans where she appeared to genuinely be sorry. Admitting to making a mistake and telling her fans she had a lot to learn seems to have helped to get her fans to forgive her. The hashtag #weforgiveyouariana began trending shortly after she posted the video on Twitter and continued into the next morning.

In her apology video Ariana began by telling her fans,

“I feel like the apology that I posted — I kind of missed my opportunity to actually, like, sincerely apologize and express how I was feeling because I was too busy preaching about my issues with the food industry, which is not, I feel like, relative. I feel like I could’ve expressed myself in a different way, so here I am.”

The apology itself began with Ariana saying, “I’ve actually never been prouder to be American, to be honest.”

Grande then discussed what it was like seeing herself on video saying,

“Seeing a video of yourself behaving poorly that you had no idea was taken is such a rude awakening. It’s like you don’t know what to do. I was so disgusted with myself. I’m gonna come forward, and own up to it, and take responsibility, and say I’m sorry, because I acted in a way I feel like wasn’t necessary, to say the least, but also just wasn’t me at all. I apologize for my poor choice of words, and my behavior.”

Finally, Ariana said, “I’m not here to justify my behavior or make any excuses, because I can’t. I’m just here to apologize, and tell you that I love you, and I appreciate being able to talk to you like this.”

We have the complete video below. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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