Video: Bill Cosby ‘Pound Cake Speech’ Comes Back to Haunt Him – His Downfall?

By on July 7, 2015
'bill cosby rapist?'

With the latest Bill Cosby confession that he drugged women before having sex with them, it seems that a speech now dubbed as the ‘Pound Cake’ speech,  that the comedienne made back in 2004, is coming back to haunt him. The Bill Cosby Famous Pound Cake speech was delivered in May 2004 at an event to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision.

'bill cosby rapist?'

In the infamous, ‘Pound Cake’ speech, Cosby called out black Americans for their high rates of incarcerations and lack of parenting. He asked black mothers why they don’t know where the fathers of their children are? While he was busy lecturing America,  he was supporting a woman believed to have had his child during an extramarital affair. It’s ironic Cosby called out black single mothers, yet he himself impregnated a woman, leaving her alone to raise their child.  Seriously? Can he be anymore of a hypocrite?

The speech Cosby made calling out others is now being used to highlight his hypocrisy. He even defended the speech on Oprah Winfrey’s show with Winfrey never once questioning anything he said.

At the time Cosby made the speech, something tells us he didn’t plan on having the words used against him.

Director, Judd Apatow, has taken to Twitter to call out Cosby along with his real life wife, Camille Cosby and his television wife, Phylicia Rashad. Camille Cosby has stood by her husband, having the audacity to question who the real victim was – insinuating that Cosby himself is the victim. Really? The more than 40 women who have come forward with rape claims aren’t the victim, Bill Cosby is the victim? Can you say ridiculous??

Phylicia Rashad also came to his defense telling anyone who would listen they should “forget those women.”

The whole situation is beyond sad. Cosby admitted under oath to drugging woman with the intent on having sex. How is it that nothing can be done about this?

Check out the video below.

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