Watch Justin Bieber Lose to Deion Sanders on ‘Lip Synch Battle’ – Sanders Dances on Wedding Cake

By on July 17, 2015
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Justin Bieber and Deion Sanders went up against each other in an epic “Lip Sync Battle” where Bieber LOST.

'deon sanders like a virgin'

The hit show, “Lip Sync Battle” features two celebrities going head to head to see who can lip sync the best. Following two rounds of singing two different songs, the winner is chosen based on the audience’s clapping and cheering.

Justin Bieber losing to a sports star is epic. After all, Bieber is a singer himself. How is this even possible? For the first round, Bieber took on Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” going all out and serenading Sanders during the performance.

Sanders wasn’t impressed with Bieber’s performance, saying it was “Just good.” Bieber spit out some fighting words calling Sanders an old man. Sanders performed his lip synch to “Play That Funky Music.” Was that a diss to Bieber?

During the second face-off, things get completely out of control on Lip Synch Battle since costumes usually enter the picture. Sanders did not disappoint when he came out in a wedding dress and blonde wig for his song choice of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin.” Bieber was even impressed saying ‘it was great.’ Who can compete with Sanders dancing on top of a wedding cake?

Bieber did his best to compete with Sanders by wearing a black wig and eyeliner to impersonate Ozzy Osbourne. The superstar performed “Crazy Train” and went all out using pyrotechnics as only Osbourne would do. Bieber imitated Osbourne’s moves and even bit a bat’s head off – it was fake.

The crowd’s applause made it too close to call, and originally it was almost called a tie. Ultimately, Sanders won the closest lip synch battle to date.

Check out the “Lip Sync Battle” clips below and let us know what you think. Did Deon Sanders deserve to win?

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