Whoopi Goldberg Rant on The View for Threats Over Her Bill Cosby Stand – BACK OFF ME

By on July 8, 2015

Whoopi Goldberg has had it with people threatening her and her family and is speaking out about it. On the talk show, The View, where it was an emotional morning with Rosie Perez announcing she was leaving the show, Goldberg took a moment to slam her haters and tell them to BACK OFF ME.

'whoopi goldberg threatened over bill cosby'

Goldberg said,

“Here’s the deal. This is The View and that was my opinion. Yesterday we spoke about Cosby and I said what I always say, “Innocent until proven guilty in the United States of America, cause that’s our law.”

As a result of that statement Whoopi has been labeled a monster and has been threatened.

She continued by saying, “This is The View and that was my opinion and not anyone threatening is going to change the fact that no one has convicted him, he has not been arrested and the bottom line that’s the law, innocent until proven guilty. If your the mother of the son who is accused, you want to keep innocent until proven guilty. Just ask the mother’s of the Duke Lacrosse players. Burned at the stakes and it turns out it wasn’t true. We all have a very important role to play when it comes to abuse and rape. We have to demand that if it is true the person is taken to the nth degree of the world and is punished. No one thinks rape is good. No one here hates women.

Don’t come after me for that.

Here’s the bottom line for me, it’s my opinion. And the American courts opinion because he still he has not been taken to jail or tried or anything,  SO BACK OFF ME!”

She ended her rant by saying, Now that I got that off my half a double d and she went on to discuss Paula Deen and the brown face incident that happened on Twitter.

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