American Ninja Warrior Recap 8/10/15 – Pittsburgh Finals

By on August 10, 2015
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America Ninja Warrior continues as thirty competitors face obstacles that include Salmon Ladder, Cannonball Alley, Helix Hang and Invisible Ladder on the Pittsburgh finals course.

'american ninja warrior recap 8.3.15'

In addition to the obstacles from the Pittsburgh Qualifier, contestants will face the Salmon Ladder, Floating Monkey Bars, Doorknob Arch, and Invisible Ladder.

To check out the recap from last week and see who made it through the Orlando finals, click here!

The Orlando competitors will vie for a chance to compete in the Las Vegas finals, to win a cash prize of $1,000,000 and the title of “American Ninja Warrior.”

And we’re off!

Contestant: Danny
Results: Danny flew through the course (although on the first half of the course he poked himself in the eye) unfortunately he got cocky and tried to do a tricky dismount on the Devil Steps and hit the water.

Contestant: Pavel
Results: Pavel, the second runner of tonight’s broadcast, became the first contestant to make it through to the second half. Unfortunately the Floating Monkeybars bested him and he hit the water.

Contestant: PJ
Results: PJ had a pretty easy time heading across the first portion of the course and made it all look quite easy. Unfortunately, he too met his match on the Floating Monkeybars.

Contestant: Sean
Results: After overpowering the first part of the course Sean became the first contestant to make their way to the Doorknob Arch. When he was 3/4 of the way across he decided to attempt the dismount as his arms were clearly getting tired and, unfortunately, he just missed the platform.

Contestant: Luciano
Results: Well, that was short lived. Luciano hit the water on just the third step of the first obstacle, the Quintuple Steps.

Contestant: Miles
Results: Miles is the oldest person – at age 56 – to ever qualify for City Finals. He’s also a four time Olympic Gymnastics team coach, which is pretty impressive! Unfortunately the Snake Crossing got Miles and he slipped just as he reached the end.

Contestant: Jamie
Results: Holy. Moly. Jamie got all the way to the top of the Invisible Ladder and with 2 feet left… he couldn’t do it anymore and his arms gave out. BUT the good news is that he – far and away – has made it further in the course than anyone else thus far, so he has probably sealed a spot in the next round.

Contestant: Geoff
Results: This guy is absolutely flying through the course – and in just six minutes and 44 seconds became the first person to reach the top of the Invisible Ladder (and made it look easy!) and is on to the next round!

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