American Ninja Warrior Recap 8/31/15 – Finals – Night One

By on August 31, 2015
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On tonight’s episode of American Ninja Warrior the finalists are headed to Vegas to take on Stage 1 of Mount Midoriyama.

'american ninja warrior recap 8.3.15'

Contestants from the city final rounds who were able to complete their city finals course or make it through based on having one of the quickest times of the night will be headed to Las Vegas, Nevada where they’re going to come face to face with some of the most difficult obstacles in the world. In total 90 competitors will be attempting to make it through each Stage in their attempt to make their mark on American Ninja Warrior history. The Final stages are also timed, which means that they’ve got to run their fastest to get the farthest without getting knocked out by a buzzer, something that didn’t happen during the first few rounds.

As the competition stands now, no competitor in history has made it through all 4 stages of the Finals and the furthest anyone has made it on the show is when Brian Arnold made it through to the last obstacle of the third stage during Season 5 in 2013. In fact, the only time any competitor from the United States has ever made it to the final stage of Mt. Midoriyama was when Kane Kosugi made it during Season 8 of Sasuke, which is the Japanese show on which American Ninja Warrior is based.  Will this be the year that a competitor finally breaks through to Stage 4 and takes a real shot at winning the $1,000,000 prize?

And here we go!

Contestant: Paul Kassimir
Results: Paul is known as Mr. Consistency for always delivering strong performances, and tonight is no different. He flew through the course and it looked like he was going to finish the course with 50 seconds left, but on the very last obstacle he hit the water!

Contestant: Nicholas Coolridge
Results: Nicholas is unique not only because he’s a high-performing rookie, but because he was the only person to finish the Venice finals course. Unfortunately though he had a short run of the course as he hit the water on the Jumping Spider after making pretty quick work of the first few obstacles.

Contestant: David Campbell
Results: David has made it to Mt. Midoriyama for the past three years – but he’s been striking out on Stage 1 – will this year be different? He makes quick time of the first few obstacles and it looks like he’s got great momentum and confidence in himself – but unfortunately he makes a misstep on the coin toss and he hits the water.

Contestant: Gordon White
Results: Gordon seems to be taking things slow and steady through the course, but with a 2 minute and 30 second time limit Gordon might be doing himself a big disservice by not going as quickly as possible. He’s literally standing around evaluating each obstacle before tackling it – but with only 36 seconds left after he completes the Warped Wall there’s no telling if he’s going to be able to make it through the course. With 10 seconds remaining he gets onto the final obstacle and unfortunately hits the water as he tries to make the transition to the cargo net and hits the water.

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