America’s Got Talent 1st Live Results Show Recap 8/12/15

By on August 12, 2015

America’s Got Talent saw 12 performers last night at Radio City Music Hall on the first live performance show and tonight, August 12, 2015, we will see five performers go home and seven acts move to the semi-final round of the competition. Viewers will have one last chance to send their favorite performer to the next round by using Google Instant Save. If you missed the show last night, we have the first America’s Got Talent live recap here. OMI will be performing their hit song Cheerleader during tonight’s show.

America's Got Talent - Season 8

There were some stand out performances during the first live including Siro-A who received rave reviews from the judges with comments like: Mel B. raving about how amazing they were and it was “so exciting,” while Howie said he loved it so much that he couldn’t sit down. Howard said that if this was college they would had graduated with honors, and that they set the bar high.

Another great act was from the 13 year old singer, Alondra Santos who received comments like “a cultural talent blossom,” “amazing” and finally Mel wrapped it up with by thanking Alondra for bringing “color and life” to the show.

Some of the acts in jeopardy tonight included Triple Threat who received the buzz from everyone but Heidi who said, she thought they were good and having the courage to do a Beyonce song was great. Howard, however, said they were “misguided” and it felt like “a parody of a boy band.”

Another act that didn’t get much love from the judges included Piff the Magic Dragon who was told by Heidi that she “did not enjoy” it. Mel said that she felt he “took a bit of a risk” and she didn’t think it worked very well and Howard reminded the audience that Piff’s first two performances were amazing.


First up tonight, we hear about the three acts “on the bubble” – ie: in danger of being kicked off. Alondra Santos, Samantha Johnson, and The Gentlemen are up on the block (which is shocking because Samantha is so darn good!). These three have the opportunity to be saved via voting that’s happening LIVE online right now.

The first results are officially in – Piff the Magic Dragon and Triple Threat were called up first, and the first act going in to the semi-finals is… (loooog, dramatic pause) Piff the Magic Dragon! This is great – since he’s my win-it-all favorite. He kind of bombed last night, so I’m thrilled that he’s moving on despite that. Unfortunately, this is the end of Triple Threat’s run for the prize.

Vita Radionova and Benton Blount are next up – and the act going through to the semi-finals is… Benton Blount. Oh thank goodness! I fell in love with him last night!

Siro-A and Craig and Michaeline were the next two acts up, and America decided that … Siro-A is moving on!

Drew Lynch, Paul, and Show Project were the remaining three whose fates remained in the balance. Of these three, America decided that Paul would be headed through to the semi-finals (obviously!) along with Drew Lynch.

That means unfortunately Show Project is headed home.

And now we’ll find out who is headed into the semi-finals from America’s live vote during the show. The three contestants up for the save were Samantha Johnson, Alondra Santos, and The Gentlemen. Of those three, the acts going into the semi-finals are Samantha Johnson (by America’s Vote) and Alondra Santos.

That’s a wrap! The seven acts heading into the semi-finals are:

  • Piff the Magic Dragon
  • Benton Blount
  • Siro-A
  • Drew Lynch
  • Paul
  • Samantha Johnson
  • Alondra Santos

Be sure you tune in next week to see the next round of live performances and the results!

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