America’s Got Talent 2015 Recap 8/18/15 – 2nd Live Performance

By on August 18, 2015
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America’s Got Talent is down to the final 36 performers. Unfortunately, only one act can win the $1 million prize and a chance to have their own show in Las Vegas.

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For the second night of live performances, 12 acts will perform for the judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howard Stern and tomorrow night, America’s results will be in and seven acts will move on to the semi-final round of competition.

There will also be an instant save tomorrow night with the Google Instant Save being used again for the second year.

You can vote via telephone, online and by doing a Google search, which seems like it is probably quite prone to error.

Tonight’s performers will be:

  • Damone Rippy
  • Myq Kaplan
  • Freckled Sky
  • DM Nation
  • Uzeyer Nuvrozov
  • Animation Crew
  • Ira Bloom
  • Sharon Irving
  • Derek Hughes
  • The CraigLewis Band
  • 3 Shades of Blue
  • Arielle Baril

Keep reading to see how it goes!

Contestant: DM Nation
Talent: Dance Troupe
Performance Notes: They were great – although I really hate when there’s a dance group on and the camera doesn’t just show the entire stage, they close up on individuals. I want to see the entire thing, camera people!
The Results: Mel and Howie LOVED it, with Howie declaring it “pizza” (which is apparently the new cool thing). Howard, however said that he thinks that for America’s biggest talent show they simply didn’t bring enough to the table. Heidi brought things back up on a positive note though, declaring that she loved it.

Contestant: Derek Hughes
Talent: Magician
Performance Notes: Derek invited Mel up on stage to assist him, and he said he would be breaking the Magician’s Code by showing us how magicians use magic to cheat at cards. Interestingggg… Okay – so he didn’t teach us how to cheat. He made a card that he had Mel sign magically go into his pocket. He did it a couple times – one time even having Mel do all the moves. And when Mel did it – all of the other cards ended up in his pocket, with the single card staying in his hand. I would like to take this time to highly recommend that you go look for this on YouTube and give it a watch – because it was fantastic.
The Results: Howie kicked things off saying that Derek “fired on every cylinder” and applauded him on being able to make witty comments on the fly. Howard said that he loves the growth Derek has shown throughout the course of the show, and noted that every job he gets a little better and tonight he did an excellent job. Both men agreed that Derek should be one of the seven to go through. Heidi (who rocked a bold red lip and some gorgeous finger waves!) said that he could totally imagine Derek with his own Vegas show, and Mel finished things off saying that Derek completely wow’ed her and that she loves his personality and his magic.

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