America’s Got Talent Recap 8/4/15 – Judges’ Cut 4 – Season 10

By on August 4, 2015
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On tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent the judges will be going through the fourth and final portion of Judges’ Cut rounds. They’ll essentially be reviewing all of the contestants that they’ve sent through to this round and determining who will stay and move on to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall and who will be heading home.

America's Got Talent Nick Cannon

As always, host Nick Cannon will be joined by judges Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and former Spice Girl Mel B. In addition, they’ll be joined by guest judge Piers Morgan.

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Tonight the judges will be watching 20 acts, but only 7 can make it through. And Piers will have the opportunity to use the Golden Buzzer!

And here we go!

Contestant: Derek
Talent: Magician
Performance Notes: He’s funny…I’m pretty sure it’s intentional. Or he’s actually really screwing up this trick – which I doubt. I think. I don’t know, but it’s fun! And it turns out, by the end, it’s pretty evident that everything was intentional and it was awesome. He was able to guess words that Howard, Heidi, and Mel were thinking.
The Results: Unfortunately Piers wasn’t impressed at all – although the rest of the judges seemed to love it.

Contestant: Duo Vladimir
Talent: Hand Balancing
Performance Notes: These two were ridiculously strong… and their routine was nearly flawless. But I don’t love hand balancing, so – on to the judges.
The Results: Heidi was obsessed and Piers said it was great to see an act who can “command the stage.”

Contestant: Duo Volta
Talent: Acrobatics, Hand Balancing, Trapeze… they’re an entire circus
Performance Notes: So, I’ve identified what my issue with these types of acts is (in the last 3 minutes). I don’t see how they could be worth the $1million prize, because although it’s impressive I can’t imagine them being able to sustain their routine long enough to headline any sort of show. Would they be a great addition to Cirque de Soleil? ABSOLUTELY. Could they be their entire show? Probably not – because they literally CAN’T keep up the physicality.
The Results: Again, the judges loved it and said that the competition “just got real,” since they’ll be competing for a spot against Duo Vladimir.

Contestant: Alicia Michelli
Talent: Singer
Performance Notes: She’s got a very old-school sound to her voice and I love it.
The Results: Mel said she loved it while Piers said she has “a raw talent.” Howard said he liked her the last time “very much,” whereas this time he feels she might have “over compensated” and he felt she needed to relax a bit. Howie, however, took us back to an even playing field by saying that although maybe she wasn’t perfectly on pitch her heart came through. Heidi rounded it out by saying she’s going to fight for her.

Contestant: Semeneya
Talent: Dance Trio
Performance Notes: The judges seemed to love this performance, and it was visually awesome!

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