Astronaut Wives Club Recap: The Dark Side 8/13/15

By on August 13, 2015
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On the last episode, Betty attempted to deal with the loss of Gus, while the other wives and husbands vied for convincing NASA to delay some of their missions in order for more safety measures to be applied and confirmed. The full recap is here.

The episode starts off with Wally arriving home from work. Their son, Joe, isn’t happy that there’s news that the U.S is pulling out of Vietnam. Wally admits that he’s going to quit NASA once his mission coming up is done. Jo’s quite happy to hear it. That night, Alan, Deke, Louise and Marge are all out to dinner. At a press conference, Robert F. Kennedy addresses the people of California and is apprehensive about his crowd presence. Rene cheers him thought it- he succeeds and walks off, and Rene and Annie talk about it- only to hear gunshots, and Robert goes down.

The next day, Louise goes to visit Alan at work to find out that his own people- and him have created a joke about there being no happy medium with his attitude at work- he’s angry and cold, or pleasant enough. She’s not happy. He tries to diffuse the situation by pointing out he has more medical tests to do, and he wants her there for him when they go on. Shortly after, it’s Wally’s turn to go up in space on his own mission. The girls gather again. Shortly after, one of the Marilyns is preparing to divorce her husband. Marge tries to talk her down from it- until Louise and Trudy come clean that they know the husband’s having an affair. Suddenly, they’re all for it and agree Marilyn needs to leave him pronto.

Wally’s mission goes off without a hitch and he comes home. At Joe’s birthday party, he admits to Wally and Jo and that he wants to enlist in the military- it’s his family duty since his father and grandfather did it. They’re not at all thrilled. Later on, Alan goes in for surgery. The doctor admits to Louise that it’s a very risky operation. Marge takes Marilyn in to see a lawyer about divorcing her husband. It’s going to be harder, since they need concrete evidence, which they’re lacking.  Shortly after, Alan and Louise drive away from the doctor’s- apparently Alan has moved the surgery date, which starts another argument about him not telling Louise all the risks and putting their life together in danger all over again. They end up crashing the car, and a couple of hippie-looking types stop to check in with them. Louise tries to get them to go on their way, but Alan accepts the help.

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