Astronaut Wives Club Season Finale Recap: Landing 8/20/15

By on August 20, 2015
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On the last episode, Rene was recruited to do newsstories on the space missions on air. Alan and Louise work through their issues. The full recap is here.

The wives are interviewed on their views on the Mercury Project. They reflect on how they’ve changed, as have their husbands and their relationships together, as well as the mission themselves. Louise also notes that Alan’s been cleared for later flights.

At the launch, a woman Melinda Davis, approaches Trudy with a job opportunity. Alan is stunned when Charles Lindbergh approaches him and tells him he’s admired his work. Alan’s speechless yet again and answers that Lindbergh is the reason he went into spaceflight. The wives themselves are also getting approached by various celebrities. Max shows up in the audience as well, and Louise shrugs him off. Apollo 11 takes off, and the launch succeeds without a hitch.

The wives go home and celebrate. They hear Apollo make contact with the base- everything is still all going well- and then a matter of moments later, “The Eagle has landed”- they’ve put a man on the moon- “there’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Sometime after Apollo 11 has apparently returned, the wives and husbands attend another party. Deke takes Gus’ star cufflink out of his pocket and gives it to Betty- he asked Neil Armstrong to take it up into space with him to honor Gus. Max and Louise end up dancing, but Louise wants nothing to do with him, despite him saying that’s not true. Scott and Rene also dance, and he admits he’s seeing someone and feels she should know. Rene’s hurt, but she understands since they’ve been split for a while. Annie’s husband notes Annie’s missing, and it turns out she’s watching a protest of the celebration from outside. She sees one of Rene’s friends’ sons in the protesting crowd and drags him ot, only to find that he’s one of the leaders in the anti-space landing group. He says it’s not about space anymore and it’s all about politics. He goes back to join his friends.

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