Awkward Season 5 Premiere Recap 8/31/15 – ‘Naked and Betrayed’

By on August 31, 2015
'awkward season 5'

The final season of Awkward is here! It is the senior year for our favorite High School teens since Glee went off the air. Okay – not really since Glee but you know what we mean.

'awkward season 5'

The show begins with all of the seniors naked in a closet. No there is no orgy going on, just a tradition that needs to be continued – it’s Senior Steaking day and the seniors plan on streaking. Only things get a bit uncomfortable in the closet for many reasons including the fact that Jenna Hamilton overhears Jake and Gabby talking and learns they slept together. What about Matty? Should Jenna tell him? While Jenna would love to reveal the truth – she opts to run out of the closet a bit too soon – and the coast was not clear – causing her to be the only streaker and getting in trouble. She was suspended for the entire day. Not bad for a streaking. Especially since her mom treats her to a spa day and lunch for being suspended. And neither of her parents seem to even care why she was suspended. Realistic of course.

Sadie is called down to the office where she finds her mom, who tells her she finally has her life on track and the only thing missing is her. Sadie tells her it is too late, but later ends up reluctantly reunited with her. She really isn’t given much of a choice, since her adopted mother wants her out of her house.

After a conversation with her mother, Jenna decides to mind her own business for once and doesn’t tell Matty. He remained none the wiser throughout the episode until Jake reveals to Gabby (maybe in an attempt to have her all to himself) that Matty had planned to break up with her in Mexico. This sends Gabby running to tell Matty she slept with Jake. Matty and Jake get into a fight and he then turns on Jenna for assuming she’d kept this secret from him. Poor Jenna – she can’t win – she didn’t blab to save him the heartache and she got in trouble anyway.

Meanwhile, when we last left off with season 4, Jenna was in a relationship with Brian but she soon realized there was no chemistry between them. Meanwhile, Tamara is still engaged to the man she met and agreed to marry after one day and even set a date for their wedding. What is she thinking??

So what are your thoughts on Matty and Gabby finally being over for good? Will Matty and Jenna end up together by the end of the season? And will Tamara go through with her wedding?

Until next week. Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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