Bachelor in Paradise 2015 Season 2 Week 3 Spoilers – Does Clare Stay? Does Ashley Pick Joe?

By on August 16, 2015
'bachelor in paradise - week 3 spoilers'

Bachelor in Paradise ended with a lot of drama in the last episode. Clare Crowley, who is known for her drama, had a complete meltdown as she was supposed to hand out her rose. Will Clare leave Bachelor in Paradise? Or will the reality star be talked off the ledge by host, Chris Harrison and continue her journey to find love?

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What else can we look forward to on Bachelor in Paradise? Juelia has been someone else we have been watching closely? After being warned she is being taken on a ride from Joe, who is anxiously awaiting Samantha’s arrival to the island, will Juelia decide to keep Joe or will she keep Jonathan or Mikey?

Based on the official synopsis it looks like Juelia decides to give Joe a rose.

The official synopsis for Bachelor in Paradise is as follows:

As the week begins, Samantha, arrives to Paradise with a date card and invites Joe. As the two embark on their date, they leave Playa Escondida holding hands, leaving Juelia extremely disheartened. Joe and Samantha head to a gorgeous rooftop pool at the exquisite Vidanta Resort, where they learn they will be doing a sexy photo shoot for PEOPLE.

While things get hot and heavy between the blossoming couple, back at the house the cast is convinced Joe manipulated Juelia to give him her rose. When they return, his friends pressure him to smooth things out with Juelia, but Joe is anything but apologetic, and things get especially awkward when Samantha walks into the middle of it.

A new date card arrives for Carly, who invites her hesitant man, Kirk, to dine at a beachfront hotel where they discuss their relationship and ultimately turn their evening together into an overnight date. Meanwhile, a loopy Ashley S., who is falling for Dan, is shocked when he tells her he has serious doubts about their relationship.

Then, after getting lost in “Old Mexico,” blonde bombshell Megan finally arrives in Paradise with a date card, and decides to ask out an unclaimed JJ.

On Monday night’s episode things get really interesting when Juelia decides to caution Samantha about Joe but instead of listening, Samantha immediately runs off to tell Joe everything that was said about him. Joe assures his dream girl Samantha that what they have is real, leaving Juelia even further distraught.

Meanwhile, rumors about this new couple begin to swirl amongst the group when Tanner reveals to his buddy Jared that the villainous Joe and Samantha have more of a history than they’re admitting.

Keep reading to see the history behind Joe and Sam on the next page.

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