Bachelor in Paradise 2015 Spoilers Season 2 Week 4 – Samantha Dumps Joe

By on August 22, 2015
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Bachelor in Paradise picks up where it left off last week – with the drama of Samantha coming to the island and hanging out with Joe Bailey even though her best friend Juelia has been hanging out with him since she arrived.

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Juelia is left broken hearted when Joe and Sam couple off and she is not the only one – several infuriated Bachelors confront Joe for leading Juelia on to get her rose. Joe reveals his true intentions of sticking around long enough to meet the woman he actually came to Paradise for, Samantha. As their relationship deepens, a heartbroken Juelia asks Chris Harrison for an unprecedented request, while Nick Peterson (from Ashley’s season) arrives to the island hoping to hit it off with Samantha only to learn she is already in a relationship.

Since Samantha is taken Nick asks Ashley S. for a date and the couple get massages.After a hurricane forces the couple to change their plans, they head off to enjoy a spa where they have massages, a few drinks and plenty of chemistry.

At the cocktail party, Joe and Samantha take the opportunity to address the controversy surrounding their relationship. Wanting a fair chance at love, Juelia takes matters into her own hands by asking Chris Harrison for an unprecedented favor before the rose ceremony. As the rose ceremony commences, uncoupled Bachelorettes find themselves in peril as their only hopes of staying in Paradise lie in the hands of two undecided Bachelors, JJ and Dan. JJ ends up leaving saying he has someone back home he is interested in. He is replaced with Mike T.

With all that she’s been through, everyone hopes that Juelia will be saved. In what becomes Paradise’s most dramatic rose ceremony to date, shocking decisions are made, resulting in surprise departures and even more astonishing returns.

The next morning, after receiving a late night date card, Tanner and Jade head off to beautiful Tequila, Mexico where they learn all about the famous liquor and have a serious discussion about their future.

After giving their relationship an honest shot, Jared ends things with Ashley I., leaving her in tears. Meanwhile, Joe has the worst birthday ever when Samantha decides to end their relationship. While Samantha laughs the night away, thinking she has washed her hands clean of the situation, Joe swears his revenge telling Samantha he will tell the house what she is really like.

Following the drama – Monday night’s episode continues:

While things are looking sunny for most couples, a cloud looms over the brokenhearted Joe, Ashley I. and Jared.
To make matters worse for Joe, the couple he wronged, Mikey and Juelia, is given an overnight date and everyone couldn’t be happier for their second chance at love. Mikey whisks his lovely date away on a private jet to Guadalajara, where they are treated to an exhilarating Lucha Libre wrestling match and discuss their future as a couple. After proving to be the man she has been looking for, Juelia grants her date permission to stay the night with her in the fantasy suite.

Keep reading to see what happens on Bachelor in Paradise and who will be sent home this week.

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