Bachelor in Paradise Samantha Apologizes to Juelia – Too Little Too Late?

By on August 18, 2015
'samantha steffen apologizes to Juelia on Bachelor in Paradise'

Bachelor in Paradise was riddled with drama on the most recent episode, when Samantha Steffen joined the case and immediately took one of her friend’s man, Joe Bailey (who really wasn’t worth having – in our opinion, anyway).

'samantha steffen apologizes to Juelia on Bachelor in Paradise'
Juelia Kinney fell into the clutches of Joe Bailey, who told the cameras from the beginning he was waiting for Samantha to arrive. Juelia was warned by several of the other contestants, who told her Joe was using her. She wouldn’t listen and gave him the rose anyway. When Samantha arrived to the island she immediately got a date card and gave it to Joe. Once Samantha arrived, Joe Bailey did the unthinkable and ignored Juelia, showing his true teenage colors. Because seriously, as an adult, he knows that is disgusting behavior but opted to act like a dirtbag any way. As for Samantha, she put the man before her friendship with Juelia. Juelia tried to explain to Samantha the history between she and Joe and Samantha opted not to listen. While some girls are okay with this type of behavior, others (like us) would prefer not to have friends like that.

The other guests in Paradise saw the immediate connection between the two and asked the couple if they met before or had a relationship and the couple lied, saying they hadn’t.

After watching the show for herself, Samantha reached out to Juelia via Twitter and apologized saying,

“Sorry Juelia! I was scared & had no idea of drama going on.. deceiving some1 is never an option #undertheJoespell #BachelorInParadise #bip,” She continued, “Houston, we have a problem. #UnderJoeSpell #BIP ??” She then went on to defend herself saying, “we have never facetimed :/ please don’t throw me under the bus. i tried to downplay 2 wks of texts.” Her final words on the topic, “i was swept up in passion clearly way too much and had NO idea the extent of what happened #BachelorInParadise #bip

Juelia didn’t acknowledge Samantha’s texts so we don’t think all is forgiven. What do you think about Samantha’s twitter messages. Too little, too late?

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