Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers Season 2 Week 4 – 10 People Leave – Who Will it Be? One Week till Finale

By on August 31, 2015
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Bachelor in Paradise season two is almost near the end of its short run summer season. With only one week left until the season finale, there is a rumor that as many as 10 couples will leave following Monday night’s episode. As the season ends, ABC isn’t wasting any time getting the fall season started and just in time for Dancing With the Stars to return for its 21st season.

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Check out who will be joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars for the 21st season here.

As Bachelor in Paradise comes to a close, this will be the last week new people will enter the island.

Last week we saw Joe Bailey fall hard for Samantha and crash and burn when she rejected him. Joe came off as the ultimate villain of the show and even received death threats following the way he treated Juelia.

What can we expect to see on this week? Following Samantha accepting a date from Joe’s friend Justin, Joe mopes around the island. In a shocking twist, Samantha cancels her date with Justin and goes back to Joe.

Disappointed Justin then asks out his second choice Bachelorette, Amber, though her heart lies with an uninterested Dan. But trying to make the best of it, the odd couple heads to Sayulita where they learn the sexy art of salsa dancing and take a dip in the ocean.

Meanwhile, Chris Bukowski, a former Bachelor and big time player arrives to the island. He is given the date card – but after a day of drinking he doesn’t make a great impression and while he really wants to ask out Jade, she is taken so he asks Tenley out on a date, but she rejects him. To make matters worse, Joshua asks Chris for the date card so he can ask Tenley out and Chris gives it to him and Tenley and Joshua head to Guadalajara, where they spend the day getting a taste for Mexican food and culture, and are treated to a private dinner prepared by renowned chef Francisco Ruano.

The night of the cocktail party, the men are feeling the pressure as the power lies in the hands of the women. Both Amber and Ashley I. desperately want Jared, while Dan, who’s on the chopping block, makes it his mission to convince Samantha that Joe isn’t what he seems.

There will be four more women to arrive in Paradise this season and they are McKenzie Deonigi (Chris’ season), Chelsie Webster (Juan Pablo’s season), Cassandra Ferguson (Juan Pablo’s season), and Jaclyn Swartz (Ben Flajnik’s season and Bachelor Pad 3).

Ashley I. is still clearly more head over heals for Jared than he is for her. They receive the fantasy suite card but do the couple even make it to the fantasy suite?

Keep reading to see what happens on Monday night’s episode and who will remain and who will leave the show for the fifth week of the season.

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