Ben Affleck Paying for Nanny’s Hotel Bill – Still Denies Affair

By on August 6, 2015
'ben affleck on Jimmy Fallon'

Ben Affleck is reportedly paying for the alleged other woman, also known as the nanny Christine Ouzounian, to stay at the Beverley Hills Hotel.


Affleck has been denying a relationship with the nanny, even after photos of him and the nanny standing outside a hotel have emerged. He insists they are friends. And friends always pay for friends to stay at a costly hotel. How is it possible that Ouzounian, who is currently unemployed, can afford a hotel that costs a minimum of $1,000 a night? Besides the hotel expenses, Affleck is said to be taking care of all of her bills and expenses, plus spending money, for at least the next three months. All in order to prevent her from spilling the beans on the relationship. Like when it began? Did the couple start dating before Affleck and his wife, Jennifer Garner called it quits?

Based on the reports that have been circulating, Affleck brought the nanny on the family trip to the Bahamas. He and Jennifer Garner were said to be deciding on the future of their marriage. When Jen finally realized the nanny was doing much more than caring for her children and possibly canoodling with her husband, it was at that point she knew their relationship was over for good. Who can blame her? While Ben reportedly confessed to Jen he wasn’t committed to the marriage, he made it sound like it was a thing of the past. When he waved it right in front of her face, that was just too much for Garner.

While the nanny is currently in California, seemingly living it up at the expense of Affleck, Ben is said to be in Georgia, so he could be closer to his children while Jennifer Garner is filming a movie.

Meanwhile, Ben’s reps continue to deny any affair, saying the claims of an affair and Affleck picking up Christine’s expenses in order to encourage her to keep quiet are ridiculous.

There seems to be too many accusations and a photo that shows something is going on. As for exactly what is going on, only Ben, the nanny and possibly Jen really know. In the meantime, Affleck has some time before he begins promoting his Batman movie. Hopefully things will calm down before then.

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