Big Brother 17 – 2015 Week 7 Spoilers – Who is HoH, Nominees, PoV

By on August 9, 2015
'big brother week 7'

Big Brother Season 17 is entering the 7th week of competition. With the sixth week being torturous, as we watched Clay and Shelli cry about how the couple would possibly be able to go on without each other, we were finally put out of our misery when Clay was eliminated from the house, with a unanimous vote. Shelli was hysterically crying but will forge ahead this week, hoping to make her man happy, stay until the end and win the $500K prize.

'big brother week 7'

When we left off, the competition for the Head of Household continued with Becky winning. This means the power of the house remains where James left off.  Becky opted to nominate Shelli and Steve but her real target this week is Vanessa.  Becki told Shelli if she wins PoV she would take her off the block and put up Vanessa. Vanessa got wind of Becki’s plan and tried to cut a deal with her but Becki wasn’t biting, instead she made a plan with the twins, Liz and Julia.

The Power of Veto competition included Becky, who is the Head of Household, the nominees, Shelli & Steve and Vanessa, who was Shelli’s houseguest of choice in addition to Austin, and Meg.

The PoV was an endurance competition with a comic book theme. It took 5 1/2 hours with Steve winning. This means Steve will be taken off the block. Will he be replaced with Vanessa? Yes, he was replaced with Vanessa. Will Vanessa be eliminated?

This week is a double eviction week – so it is sure to get interesting. Will Shelli, Vanessa, Austin and the twins be able to take the power back from the house? Or will they continue to be eliminated one by one.

We will be watching and recapping it – so be sure to come back and see who the two people are who will be eliminated from the house.

Who are you rooting for??


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