Big Brother 17 Week Ep. 19 Recap 8/6/15 – Who Was Evicted – Shelli or Clay?

By on August 6, 2015

Big Brother 17 continues with Shelli and Clay, who are in a showmance together, on the block. The couple, who competed and lost the Power of Veto to James, had been trying to convince James, who is also the HoH, to take one of them off the block. They even turned on Austin and revealed to James, Austin has an evil twin, Judas, who has been going against the house.


When Big Brother returns tonight for its live elimination, we will see who will go home – Shelli or Clay. Clay has been begging the houseguests to send him home, because he believes Shelli has more of a chance to go all the way and win the $500,000. He really cares about Shelli and the couple plan on having a relationship outside the house.

On the live feeds today, Aust 6, 2015, there was a lot of discussion as to who would be going home, Clay or Shelli. Clay and James end up getting into a huge fight and Clay gets in James’ face, virtually sealing his fate in the house. He is most likely to be evicted tonight – but we will have to wait and see for sure.

Who are you rooting to go home tonight? Shelli or Clay?

The votes to evict went like this:

Vanessa: Clay
Meg: Clay
Austin: Clay
Jackie: Clay
Julia: Clay
Liz: Clay
Steve: Clay
Becky: Clay
John: Clay

It’s unanimous – Clay is leaving the Big Brother house.

Clay and Shelli have been together for 50 days in the house. He spoke about their relationship and said he believes it is the real deal. When he was asked whether he loved her – he said more than $500,000 but he also said that Love is a big word.

The houseguests said they were adorable as a couple but that was their downfall.

Shelli told him he has been her light in the house and she thanked him for being there for her.

As for Meg hanging all over Clay in the bathroom, Clay said Meg has a showmance with everyone in the house – but not him.

The Head of Household competition is an endurance competition. Sliding back and forth down a lane with a cup to fill a bowl. When the bowl is filled the winner can choose HoH, $5,000 or to Never be a have not.

The competition will continue through the night. We will be positing spoilers so be sure to come back and see who takes the HoH.

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