Big Brother 2015 Season 17 Week 9 Spoilers – Who is HoH, Nominees and PoV

By on August 14, 2015
'big brother spoilers week 9 season 17'

'big brother spoilers week 9 season 17'

Big Brother had a shocking elimination last night, with Shelli exiting the house. While Vanessa was put on the block and was expected to be backdoored, she remained in the house for another week which is surprising since it was a double eviction week.

Julie announced to the Houseguests at the beginning of the show that there would be a double eviction. After Shelli was eliminated from the house in a unanimous vote, there was a new HoH competition, followed by another set of nominees, a veto comp and ceremony, and finally a second eviction.

Following the elimination of Shelli from the house, the houseguests, with the exception of Becky participated in a challenge where they were shown a series of video clips and were asked True and False answers. In six rounds, Steve won the competition.

Steve nominated Jackie and Meg for eviction – he basically played it safe. No big moves with those two. Following the nomination ceremony, there was a PoV competition. The houseguests played a game called “Slippery Slop” with the veto players being John, James, Vanessa, Steve (HoH), Jackie & Meg (noms). John won the Power of Veto and kept the nominees the same.

The eviction took place and Jackie was evicted.

Following an endurance nomination, Liz won Head of Household. This means Austin is safe this week since they are in a showmance, as is her twin Julia and Vanessa, who is in an alliance with them.

Liz nominated Becky and John to be eliminated this week.

We will be following and updating this article so you can see who won Power of Veto and if Becky or John will be eliminated, or if it will be someone who will be backdoored.


There is no plan to backdoor anyone this week – so either Becky or John are going to go home unless they win the PoV.

Veto players were picked: Austin, Meg, and Steve will join Liz, Becky and John in the PoV competition.

Winning the PoV is Liz! That means the nominees will most likely stay the same!!

Be sure to bookmark us and come back and see what happens the rest of the week.

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