Big Brother Spoilers Season 17 – Week 9 – Who Won HoH, Nominees, PoV

By on August 21, 2015
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Following the elimination of Becky on Big Brother, the houseguests immediately went to the backyard for an endurance competition to determine who will be the next HoH.

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With the remaining houseguests in their lanes we see a running competition with a twist. While it’s supposed to be Ready, Set, Go…. and the houseguests run and hit a buzzer, the Go Part isn’t so easy. Big Brother tries to trick the houseguests and change go to other words such as bo, flow, etc. If a houseguest takes an early start they are eliminated. We saw Meg get eliminated first in the competition before the show ended.

The following people were eliminated over an hour.

– Julia was eliminated.
– Vanessa flinched, let go of a button, and she was eliminated.
– John was eliminated.
– Steve eliminated

James & Austin were the two remaining houseguests competing. Austin won and is the new HoH, leaving the power of the house with Austin and the Nolan twins. Will they eliminate Vaness or let her stay another week?

Austin is in an alliance with almost every person in the house so there is a good chance he will go back on his word this week and have to put someone up. It is most likely going to be John, Steve or Vanessa.

Austin will now join an elite group of former Big Brother houseguests. He is in the 9th week of competition and has not been nominated for eviction. The only other people to do this were season 3’s Danielle Reyes, season 3’s Jason Guy and season 16’s Derrick Levasseur. Derrick was last season’s winner – does this mean that Austin has a chance of winning it all this season and bringing home $500K.

Austin has nominated Steve and John for eviction!

Vanessa has gone off the deep end and is completely paranoid – rightfully so. There is talk she will be backdoored.

We will keep you posted and let you know as soon as we find out.

Steve and John are up for eviction and Vanessa won the Power of Veto. It looks like either Steve or John are going home unless – Vanessa is out for blood against Steve since she thinks he was the mastermind behind trying to eliminate her in a backdoor move.

Who are you rooting for to stay and who do you think will be evicted??

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