Bill Rancic Writes Love Letter to Wife Giuliana Rancic on Her Last Day at E!

By on August 10, 2015

Bill Rancic is hopelessly devoted and in love with his wife, Giuliana Rancic.  If you had any doubts before, read the letter he wrote to his wife on her last day as the news anchor at E! News after 14 years and you will never doubt Bill’s love for his wife.

'bill and giuliana rancic'

He refers to his wife as beautiful, inside and out, and tells her she’s won in life. Despite having a double mastectomy, following a cancer diagnosis, Giuliana went on to have her son Duke via surrogate and did in fact win at life. As a news anchor at E! News and a co-host at Fashion Police, Giuliana has been the epitome of class, never wavering even when being called a racist by Kelly Osbourne, her fashion co-host at the time, for a remark she made about Zendaya’s hair during an awards ceremony.

Bill also speaks about how good Giuliana is at her job and how easy she makes it look saying, “People don’t realize how good you are until they watch someone else try and replicate what you’ve done. The talent, the professionalism, and you’re doing it live. I’m biased, but to be honest, there’s nobody better than you.”

Check out an excerpt of the open love letter Bill wrote to Giuliana.

Dear Giuliana,

You’ve done E! News for 14 years. You’ve won in life. I mean that. You’ve evolved, you’ve matured and you influenced others around you to do the same. You’ve inspired others and it shows. But there’s more adventure to be had. There’s bigger and better things out there. You’ve created your own style, your own luck, your own legacy. You’ve over delivered in so many ways. You’ve over delivered in our marriage, as a mother to Duke and in every adventure we’ve tackled together. That’s beautiful. You are beautiful, inside and out. You are the epitome of true beauty and you’ve done it on your own terms.

Having met and interviewed Giuliana Rancic at a Breast Cancer Awareness event, we can second Bill Rancic’s words. She was a caring, down to earth, beautiful person, who really cared about others and wanted to help as many people as she could.

Read the interview with Giulana Rancic here!

And as we all know, when one door opens, another door closes. We have not seen the last of Giuliana Rancic and look forward to seeing her on the red carpet and her amazing interviews.

You can see the complete letter over at E!News.

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