Bobbi Kristina’s Stepmother Alicia Etheredge-Brown Rushed to Hospital Post-Funeral

By on August 2, 2015


Alicia Etheredge-Brown, wife of Bobby Brown, was rushed to the hospital after the funeral for her step-daughter and his child with the late Whithey Houston, Bobbi Kristina. It seemed as though the funeral did not go as planned as the family has remained divided, even down Bobby’s sister Leolah being removed from the services. But they all came together to say good-bye to Bobbi Kristina, 22, who passed away after about six months in a hospital due to drowning in her tub. She was moved from a hospital to hospice care where the family was letting God take over.

Shortly before Bobbi passed, her dad and his wife had welcomed their second child together, a daughter they named Bodhi Jameson Rein. Then, Bobbi took her last breath and it was hopeful that she could rest in peace with her mother Whitney, who drowned in a tub back in 2012. But the funeral was filled with drama and it led Alicia to have a seizure, according to TMZ. Apparently, Alicia was back at the Atlanta hotel she and Bobby were staying at after the funeral when she was taken to an Atlanta hospital to be checked and examined. That is pretty much all the news outlets know right now though a source told TMZ that Alicia was able to walk into the hospital with some assistance.

I cannot imagine all the stress and strain, especially after having a baby, that she must be under trying to support everyone who is suffering, mainly her husband. With the debacle at the funeral, Alicia watched her sister-in-law Leolah being removed from the premises, according to US Magazine, after screaming at Pat Houston (Whitney’s sister-in-law): “Whitney is rolling over in her grave! You are so wrong for this, Pat!” She later went on to tell the Associated Press: “I told her that Whitney is going to haunt her from her grave.” Any ill will was set aside for Church services where the whole family was welcomed. No word from Nick Gordon or mother Michele but I am certain that we will be hearing from them sooner rather than later.

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