I Am Cait Recap 8/23/15- Take Pride

By on August 23, 2015
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“I Am Cait” is truly becoming one of the most educational and inspirational docu-series that has come out in a long time. You can keep up with “I Am Cait” right here.


Caitlyn is learning how to be more feminine and do what a lady does. She finally wore her first bathing suit, which is a huge right of passage in the transgender world. She is getting a lot of support from the community around her, especially friend Candis Cayne, who invites her over for a slumber party. There is definitely something between the two of them but I do not now if Caitlyn is ready and if Candis really wants a man from head to toe. At the party, a teacher came and answered so many questions for Cait and now she is learning how to do what she felt she was destined to do: educate and support those who are in the LGBTQ community and the every day average person who just does not get it yet.

Caitlyn was fortunate enough to get to go a children’s hospital and meet with transgender youth and their parents. She got to see these young kids and their parents in a group setting who had nothing but support. She also learned how some of the kids felt when no one supported how they felt and their desire to transition. Someone whom Caitlyn was eager to meet was Chaz Bono, former daughter of Sonny Bono and Cher, who had transitioned a few years ago from female to male. They had met before briefly but Caitlyn was still living a lie as Bruce so she could not come out and ask all the questions that she really wanted the answers to. It really was a beautiful melting pot of two very influential people who could help save today’s struggling youth.

It was not all fun and games as Kim had a few choice words for Caitlyn about some things that were said in the Vanity Fair article. She felt that shade was thrown at her mom and her family, which was never Cait’s intention. Khloe was having a really hard time with all of this and would send harsh texts to Caitlyn which Kim would also get. Cait finally met up with Khloe and they were able to temporarily mend fences with one of her closest daughters.

Tonight, Caitlyn begins to feel included in the LGBT community after attending a New York City Pride event. At the same time, she struggles to reconnect with her male friends and receives advice from Scott Disick.

Keep reading to see what Lord Disick has to offer!

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