Celebrities Who WON’T Be On “Dancing With the Stars”- Who’s Turned the Show Down?

By on August 26, 2015
'dancing with the stars'

'dancing with the stars'

Celebrities are constantly tweeting that they want to be on “Dancing With they Stars” but when they are actually asked, many have said no. Some who have actually appeared on the show turned it down several times before signing on. We have learned that Bindi Irwin and Paula Deen will be dancing on the upcoming season of the show but who will you never catch shaking it? According to E!, winner Alfonso Ribiero went to certain celebrities to proposition them himself and three said no! You do not say no to Carlton. So, who else has E! claimed turned the ABC hit, going on to its twenty-first season down? We have the list!

  1. Lance Armstrong- cyclist
  2. Caitlyn Jenner- Olympic Athlete/reality star
  3. Demi Moore- actress
  4. Lindsay Lohan- rule breaker/actress
  5. Paula Deen- she was asked a couple of times as she revealed to EXTRA some years back but looks like she changed her mind
  6. Jodie Sweetin- actress- turned it down because it conflicted with the “Full House” spin-off “Fuller House” filming schedule
  7. Tiffani Thiessen- actress- told the Huffington Post “I’ve been asked a few times, but my response to that is that I am an actor, not a dancer.”
  8. Bobby Flay- chef
  9. Martha Stewart- chef/talk show host
  10. Geraldo Rivera- news anchor
  11. Kirstie Alley- actress- turned it down out of fear but went on to shimmy and shake
  12. Gayle King- Oprah’s best friend
  13. Ricky Shroder- actor
  14. Mark Zuckerberg- Facebook CEO
  15. Suzanne Somers- actress/entrepreneur- turned it down but then joined anyway
  16. Jamie Lee Curtis- actress
  17. Queen Latifah- actress/singer
  18. Ann Coulter
  19. Tim Allen- actor

Do any of these names surprise you? I think that with the scandal revolving around Paula Deen for racist remarks and such, this show is the perfect way to help redeem her image. That being said, Martha Stewart and Ann Coulter could take a cue from her dancing cookbook. I am not surprised that Mark Zuckerberg said no though it would make him appear even more down-to-Earth. Lindsay Lohan, much like Deen, could help get her career back into a good swing if she signed on to the show and we would love to see Gayle King dancing, if only to see Oprah in the audience. What do you think? Let us know.

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