Dance Moms Recap 8/11/15- Chaos at Nationals

By on August 11, 2015
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“Dance Moms” makes me never ever want to take a dance class and I mean ever! Abby Lee Miller scares the bajeebers out of me and the moms do not really know what team work is either so they are just as bad. You can keep up with this season of “Dance Moms” right here. 


Nia will always be the girl on the team who will kick but yet be underestimated and under appreciated by Abby. Last week, she dominated at the competition and actually beat Kalani when it came to the solos. Kalani came in third while Nia proudly made it to first place and what they do now is super important since Nationals are coming up. Abby can do whatever she wants when it comes to Nationals so the moms have to be on their best behavior while the girls cannot mess up for one minute. Nia is not only proving herself as a dancer, she is also showing that she has the chops to be a singer as she shoots her second music video with JoJo and Carmen Electra by her side. She is having more success with her mom calling the shots than Kendall did with Abby as her manager.

Abby has been so consumed with getting the new studio in California up and running that she has neglected practice with the girls so when they come in number one, I feel like it really has to do with the dedication the dancers have over Abby. She keeps saying that the new studio is coming along and will be open soon but when they go to look at it, it has a long way to go. So right now, the girls dancing would be the selling feature to get dancers to sign up for the new ALDC studio. I’m just worried about Nationals because I can foresee a lot of yelling and screeching and moms being mad and tears but that is really just like a regular week at the studio when you think about it.

Tonight, the girls prepare to compete at Nationals and feel pressure to remain undefeated. Unfortunately, Abby opens her new studio the day before the competition, which leaves the girls with little time to get ready.

Keep reading to see what happens at Nationals!

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