Dance Moms Recap 8/18/15- City of Angels

By on August 18, 2015
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“Dance Moms” shall be awfully scary and tense this evening as the ALDC is coming off of a loss at Nationals. You can keep up with this season of “Dance Moms” right here.


Nationals was the huge event that the girls and moms were anxious for. They took several weeks for the girls to compete in solos against one another at competitions to see who would make it to Nationals. Too bad Abby was way too consumed with her new California dance studio to give the girls proper training and the moms knew this. They tried to call in help but Abby has a way of shooting everything down because she rules the dance world. They had to go up against Jeanette and the new Candy Apples and they wanted to win. This season, the ALDC has had 15/25 wins, which I think is very favorable. But right before they could compete, Abby opened ALDCLA and thousands of fans came to see the grand opening. It actually looked pretty good and the hope is that she can secure many new dancers.

When it was time for the competition, the solos were amazing. Nia had a solo, which would have been perfection had the music not started to skip. But like a true professional, she kept on going and came in second. Then there was the junior soloists where Maddie took home second place meaning that Ava from Jeanette’s team outdid her. And finally, for the group routine, the ALDC comes in second while Jeanette’s team took home the gold. This is a major blow for Abby and her girls because she hates second place. Abby is livid, believing that her team should have won and demands that the girls storm off the stage, even though all of the awards have not been given out. Looks like ALDCLA may not have been the best idea…

Tonight, coming off of a major loss at Nationals, Abby and the moms discuss what went wrong and also dish about some of the season’s most shocking moments. Later, Abby drops a bombshell and one mom gets a major surprise.

Keep reading to see what the surprise is.

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