One Direction Breaks Hearts Everywhere as They Go Their Separate Ways

By on August 23, 2015
'one direction performs on GMA 2015'

Teenage hearts everywhere are breaking after the news that teen sensation One Direction will be going in separate directions as of March of next year. Even worse than the break-up is the news that there will be no tour to promote their fifth album.

The iconic boy band discovered by Simon Cowell is already down one member after Zayn Malik left to spend more quality time with his then fiancee Perrie Edwards. It was later announced that he has a deal with RCA for a new solo career. Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson both attempted to squash rumors of bad blood between the band and Malik wishing him well in his endeavors. Malik later dumped Edwards and then began what appeared to be a Twitter flame war with Calvin Harris over Taylor Swift’s thoughts on Spotify. He also appeared to diss Edwards by Tweeting out a preference of another female artist over her when she was up for an award. Some believed that the Tweets were an attempt to distance himself from his good boy image or a publicity stunt.


Now it looks like the rest of the band has decided to take a page out of Malik’s book and take a break from the group that has made them a worldwide phenomenon. Harry Styles, Niali Horan, Payne, and Tomlinson’s decision also means that there will be no world tour to promote their album anticipated at the end of this year. While the boys are hardly hurting for the cash, they are letting millions of fans down.

Tomlinson is expecting a baby and said to be looking to focus on being a dad. Tomlinson is having his own rough patch lately. His estranged father reportedly tried to kill himself recently and then he was called out by a fan after the fan claimed Tomlinson had her booted from a meet and greet. Some reports claim the unnamed fan bought the meet and greet through Tomlinson’s Believe in Magic Cinderella Ball auction. After donating $13,000 to a charity for tickets and the meet and greet, the fan was unhappy about the seats and sent out a Tweet declaring them the “sh-ttiest view.” She was later removed from the meet and greet though eventually allowed to stay for the show despite her dissatisfaction of the view.

Are these all signs that trouble had been brewing in the boy band? The band has made millions since being discovered on The X Factor. Has the strain of touring and getting rich proven to be too much for the young lads? Will any of them go on to have a successful solo career while leaving the others behind as we saw with Justin Timberlake and NSYNC? What do you think will happen now that they are going in more than One Direction? Let us know here at Haveuheard.

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