Drake and Serena Williams Are A Hot New Couple- Fling, Fun or Serious?

By on August 24, 2015

drake and serena

Drake has a new lady love and it is not someone that I think anyone would have expected: tennis champ Serena Williams. The two were caught getting hot and heavy in Cincinnati last night, according to TMZ. They were not just strolling about town, holding hands but rather hunkered down in a restaurant, Sotto, which serves super expensive Italian food. The last time Drake, 28, was caught making with someone was when Madonna shoved her tongue down his throat at Coachella, leaving everyone stunned and a little bit ill inside. This is not the beginning of the Drake/Serena rumors as he was seen playing cheerleader when Serena was at Wimbledon and now, they have been spotted as more than friends.


They were supposedly joined by a group of people and took tequila shots while they were out and enjoying their evening. Last week, Drake hit a major milestone as his latest album hit the one million mark, making him the first artist to go platinum for the year. He is no stranger to fame as this is his fourth platinum album, which is major, considering that he came from the hit Canadian teen drama “Degrassi: The Next Generation” where he played wheel-chair bound Jimmy Brooks and was credited as Aubrey Drake Graham. He must be happy to be in the news in a positive light as he has spent the year in a duel with Nicki Minaj’s man, Meek Mill. He has also had to duke it out with Chris Brown, Common and Pusha T.

As for Serena, 33, she is best known as the other half of the Williams sister along with Venus. She has consistently won major matches since 2012 and now it looks like she has a major catch. So, what do you think of this new couple? Do you think that they are in it for the long haul or if this is just a fun fling for the two of them. I am excited to see what Drake has planned for Serena’s 34th birthday, happening next month. Maybe he will be like Tyga and buy her a pimped out car!

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