Dylan Lauren Had Twins Via Surrogate – No Time to Be Pregnant

By on August 30, 2015
'dylan lauren surrogate too busy'

Dylan Lauren, the wealthy daughter of Ralph Lauren and wife to Paul Arrouet, became a mother to twins four months ago. A beautiful son and daughter, Cooper Blue and Kingsley Rainbow, made the perfect addition to Lauren’s family.

'dylan lauren surrogate too busy'

When she revealed she had the babies via a surrogate – no questions were asked. After all, who wants to delve into the personal life of a woman who just had her children. She was 40, making it very possible for her to carry her twins, only – she didn’t want to. It wasn’t that she couldn’t, it was just that she was very busy. Too busy to take time out from her busy schedule to eat right, sleep more and grow them babies. Let’s not forget labor and delivery. That literally takes ALL day – and in some cases more than 24 hours (mine was 36 hrs before the doctor performed a c-section). Heaven forbid, Dylan needed a c-section – how would she get right back to work at the very famous and successful, Dylan’s Candy Bar.

At the same time, the candy store owner wanted to grow her family, she also wanted to grow her business. In a recent interview with Cricket’s Circle, she spoke about why she decided to use a surrogate and why she considered it ‘a wonderful option’.

‘We chose to use a surrogate as the way we wanted to start our family, particularly as I was traveling across the globe on a stressful schedule to get stores open’

Dylan defends her decision to have her children via surrogate by saying, ‘I have many friends who had kids solo, who adopted, who used surrogates – no one was judging them – it’s a new world!’

In other words – don’t judge Dylan for choosing to have a surrogate because she was just too busy to remain pregnant for nine months, before giving birth to her children.

If she couldn’t spare nine months, how is she going to raise the children? It takes at least 18 years before they graduate high school and hopefully, head off to college. Maybe she will be able to slip in a day or two here or there to spend time with her children. Or possibly she could bring them on vacation with her. One could only hope.

No word yet if the business owner chose the boy and girl twins via genetic gender selection, but at this point, we wouldn’t be surprised – at all. That is the latest craze among those who could afford it and it would definitely save the time and expense of having more children until she would have gotten the sex of her choice. We are trying not to judge.

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