Faking It Recap 8/31/15 Season 2 Ep 11 – Stripped

By on August 31, 2015
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Tonight marks the return of MTV’s hit series, Faking It for their second quarter of their second season. The first season proved well and ended with the girls finally revealing their secret of faking their romance. Once the secret was out, the backlash followed as Amy realized she was more in love with Karma than she first believed.

karma and amy
Season two picked right up after the season one finale with the girls and their friends coming back from the recent shock of their exposure. The girls lives went wild as Amy had to face her feelings for Karma and Karma had to face her feelings for boyfriend Liam while still trying to play along with Amy and fake their romance. The season two part one finale, showed Amy and Karma somewhat rekindling their friendship but not totally and leaving their friendship open for new possibilities. Amy had slept with Karma’s boyfriend during the last season and everything came to light, now we are in for a wild ride as the girls face yet again a new set of backlashes, secrets exposed and new secrets kept. The promo for the new second half of the season looks promising enough in we will be filled with answers, more questions, more lies and more truth, everything we love about the show. Amy has a new mission to get Karma to fully trust her again as it’s obvious, she still has strong feelings for her. Will Amy manage to get over her feelings for Karma and be happy with someone else and have her best friend there with her as just that, her best friend, or is it all downhill for these girls? The season premiere is tonight at 9:30 pm only on MTV. You don’t want to miss this, Faking It started out good, but it’s only going to get better than ever now.

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